Wednesday 8th November 2023

3rd Age Theatre Group

Malvern Cube - Lounge

Date & Time: Wednesday 8th November 5.30pm-6.30pm
Tickets: Donations to chosen charity

We all want to know things, we all want to tell things and in doing so we can enlighten, delight, threaten and hurt others, especially those we love.
In a play consisting of over 15 thought-provoking scenes, the 3rd Age Theatre Group will explore the way we communicate, and how information forms and shapes our lives.
Featuring members of the University of the 3rd Age theatre group who will sight read and perform with 'book in hand' in a performance of 45 mins approx. '

FEAST Theatre Festival 3rd Age Theatre Group

Tree Rings Strange Futures

Malvern Cube

Date & Time: Wednesday 8th November 7.30pm-8.30pm
Tickets: £10

Trees hold stories, in more ways than one. They hold memories and myths. The rings within a tree’s trunk are also story archives of changes and events in our environment. What if they could tell you those stories? What if a tree could ring you?

​Strange Futures bring their unique brand of quirky humour and physical theatre, plus live music, to tell the story of a boy’s relationship with a tree, decade by decade from the 1950s to the present day, combining a childlike delight for magic and myths, with insights into the growth of the environmental movement over the last 70 years.

FEAST Theatre Festival Tree Rings Strange Futures