About Us

FEAST (Festival of Equality in Arts and Society through Theatre) is an artist led festival created out of our shared love of theatre and our drive to bring exciting regional and international work to the heart of the Malvern Hills that our community wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Inspired by Birmingham’s BE festival and Pilot Nights we wanted to develop a festival to encompass our whole community. We have built up a reputation for challenging, diverse and highly professional work that is accessible to all. FEAST is a festival that seeks to support, nurture and celebrate people’s every diversity, as well as the planet that we inhabit. It seeks to help us understand, listen and respond to each other through the many forms of theatre, dance, storytelling and music.

FEAST is delivered from our main hub ‘Malvern Cube’ but spills out into venues, parks and public spaces throughout the town. With this ever changing landscape we aim to bring light to our community and those that create. This year will be our most ambitious offering. We hope you will join us.


9th - 17th November 2024

Our Team


Tiffany Hosking


Tiffany graduated from Goldsmiths college in 1993 where she studied Drama & Theatre Arts. She has been resident writer and director at the Malvern Cube with her company Reaction Theatre Makers for the past 10 years. Since 2012 she has successfully written, directed and toured ‘The Earth Mind Trilogy’, a series of three plays dealing with environmental and mental health issues. She also directed and toured award-winning poetry-play, 'The Magnetic Diaries.' She is a drama workshop leader locally and internationally, working with differently abled adults. She has also nurtured new performers and developed opportunities for those wishing to break into the industry. She is currently developing her latest piece ‘Outside in’ centred around themes of homelessness. Tiff is the co-founder and director of FEAST festival.

Michelle Pogmore


Michelle is an independent theatre maker and performer. She created and toured her solo work ‘Moon Ladder’ back in 2012 after being selected for China Plates ‘Optimist course’ supporting and nurturing new theatre makers within the West Midlands. She then went on to collaborate and perform with Malvern based ‘Reaction Theatre Makers’ touring all 3 Mind Earth Trilogy pieces. In 2012 she became a ‘Local engagement specialists’ for production company FUEL developing new and innovative ways to market touring theatre works. She is the Co-founder and Director of FEAST Festival and is currently in development with new writing for a collaborative, Binaural story sound scape experience.

Anda Phillips

Volunteer Co-Ordinator and Community Outreach

Anda is a lost scouser who’s old enough to have decades of work experience in volunteer coordination and community event production. She’s a permaculturist with a healthy love of people care, earth care and making daft art from waste materials.

Audience and Practitioner Feedback

Being part of Feast Festival has been a wonderful experience every single year. Their eclectisism, professionalism, inclusive practice and strong artistic view, makes the festival a delight Araceli Cabreras

We loved the community and family friendly feel of the event. An event with cafe with superb home-made lemon drizzle cake at the hub! Says it all...Lempen Puppet Theatre

Feast Festival is an environment unlike any other...it creates a supportive, collaborative environment in which artists can meet, discuss and develop new projects. Clowns Funeral

It’s hard to find these kind of performance opportunities for young performers (age 13) and he came away with his confidence boosted and lots of ideas and inspiration for his future as a dancer. Thank you so much for creating the space and opportunity. Talent Spot for young Performers

We see The Feast Festival as an important link to showing work in this region...a festival which supports diversity in the arts and inclusive dance!  Shropshire Inclusive Dance

Working with FEAST has been fantastic, it was such a hugely rewarding experience bringing our latest work to the festival, the audience were extremely engaged and the festival organisers are an amazing and valued support. We were thrilled with the feedback from the families who came and explored our sensory experience, FEAST offers an incredible opportunity for immersive art at Malvern Cube for both the attendees and artists. Magical!  Emma Fay, Enter Edem

Milk Presents had a great time at FEAST. The audience size was lovely and impressive for a Sunday night and the volunteer team went out of their way to make us feel at home! We were also thrilled to make the t-shirt! Ruby Glaskin, Producer, Milk Presents

FEAST festival 2017 was a most extraordinary event. The comments I overheard throughout the weekend were 100% positive and seemed to reflect the newness of the experiences. It was a celebratory event will moments of hilarity; a man being eaten by a giant slug to a time of utter calm in the Crystal Clear experience inviting us to lie still and breath. The size, complexity, and success of this huge event are even more astounding knowing the limited resources it was created with. FEAST has proved itself a needed and much enjoyed event that brings the community together and highlights the values of all abilities of all. FEAST warrants future investment and support. Rachel Freeman, Everybody Dance

Hijinx performed Meet Fred at FEAST festival on the 11th November 2017. As a company that champion inclusion in every way we can, it is a real pleasure when we get to perform at an event which completely embodies everything we believe in, that all people deserve to be treated with equality. We had a wonderful time at the festival, with a sold out, incredibly warm and appreciative audience. My feeling was that FEAST had struck the perfect balance of delivering a programme that hit all the right notes in terms of the quality of the entertainment, while having an important message at its heart. It was wonderful to be a part of.   Ben Pettitt-Wade, Hi-Jinx Theatre