Sunday 12th November 2023

Sunday 12th November 2023

Workshop: An Introduction to The Art of Being an Idiot Lucy Hopkins

Elmslie House

Date & Time: Sunday 12th November 11am-6pm
Tickets: Sliding Scale £40-£70
Booking in advance ESSENTIAL

Have you ever thought you're a total idiot? Good news! You probably are.
There’s a whole world of beautiful performance to be made if we can get in touch with our our magnificent inner idiot, take a risk, follow our impulse and find the pleasure in being completely ridiculous.
In this workshop we’ll play a lot of games, laugh at each other, laugh at ourselves, perhaps cry a bit (hope not too much crying), and get some great insight into who we are as performers and the incredible potential to be found in working with what we’ve got.
Lucy Hopkins trained at the schools of Jacques Lecoq and Philippe Gaulier. She is a high priestess of idiot and one of the UK’s best known female clowns, touring her genre-busting ceremonial shows and workshops around the UK and Europe. She lives in Worcester and she likes it.

Plankton (Family Experience) Enter Eden

Malvern Cube

Date & Time: Sunday 12th November 1pm-3pm
Tickets: £5

‘Plankton’ looks to highlight our human relationship to the microscopic world, enlarging this essential element of the eco-system and bringing the story of this unseen world to light.

An immersive sensory experience, taking you to the depths of the ocean, come dive into Plankton!

Explore and create with Plankton sound and puppet making for all the family, featuring interactive underwater theatre performances in a magical illuminated sensory space.

Created with recycled materials, Plankton is a sound and light reactive experience, delving into the diverse beauty of these unseen marvels and enlarging these essential little creatures to tell the tale of our part in the ecosystem.

Made with scientific partner Dr Richard Kirby, aka ‘The Plankton Pundit’, the story of Plankton is an environmentally educational and engaging glimpse into some of the natural world’s smallest and most remarkable animals.

*Please bring anything from your recycling bin to create your own plankton puppet with

Wilding Emma Bourke and Ildikó Rippel

Malvern Cube - Theatre

Date & Time: Sunday 12th November 8pm-9pm
Tickets: £10

Join us for Wilding, a darkly humorous and politically charged performance exploring radical protest and feminism by Ildikó Rippel and Emma Bourke, a descendant of the militant suffragette Emily Wilding Davison.
Facing the current threat by the UK government to remove the human right to protest, this performance celebrates rebellion and explores violence as a legitimate tool to fight an oppressive system. Combining testimonies by Emily Davison with autobiographical confession, Wilding merges archival footage with original video projection mapped onto an array of cardboard placards, as the performer’s present personal protests, Euro-Punk and a pantomime horse.

FEAST Theatre Festival Wilding
FEAST Theatre Festival Wilding
FEAST Theatre Festival Wilding
FEAST Theatre Festival Wilding