Saturday 24th September 2022

Saturday 24th September 2022

SOLD by Amantha Edmead

Kuumba Nia Arts & Unlock the Chains Collective

Malvern Cube

Date & Time:Saturday 25th September 8pm-9.30pm
Tickets: £12
Age recommendation: 11+ (contains descriptions of violence)
This performance will be followed by a Q&A session

To be free is very sweet.

When one woman tells of her extraordinary journey to overcomes the brutality of slavery, she becomes a beacon for the British anti-slavery movement. Born into slavery in the British colony of Bermuda, Mary Prince went on to become an autobiographer and champion of freedom. Mary’s words, painting the harsh realities of enslavement - how it felt to be owned, bought and sold, and separated from family and loved ones - gave a voice to those that are often silent, silenced, ignored or spoken for. Her book had an electrifying impact on the abolitionist movement, helping to free many Africans in bondage.

A forgotten true story told through theatre, song, live drumming and dance, this masterpiece of Black British theatre is inspired by the storytelling traditions of the West African griot.

★★★★★ “There are pieces of theatre that come about that need to be seen, that have a frightening relevance and a timeless power that will leave you both incredibly moved but also reflective of the world we find ourselves in. SOLD is one of those pieces.” – Within Her Words

★★★★★ “Unique, moving and transcendent” – AskTheUshers

★★★★★ “Every so often there is a piece that touches the soul. SOLD is one such show” – Music Theatre Review