Malvern Cube

Sound Therapy and Gong Bath

Monday 20th September 1.30 pm – 3pm


We warmly invite you to come and enjoy a deep, relaxing, calming and rejuvenating sound therapy experience and set our intention for the FEAST ahead. Limited spaces.

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The Coach House Theatre

Spare me the Drama

150 Years of Entertainment in Malvern

Monday 20th September 7.30pm – 9pm


Join Chris Basset, Director of the Coach House Theatre Malvern in conversation.

Following the demise of Malvern’s short but famous water cure period the town had become, by the late 1880s, a popular holiday destination well served by numerous hotels and boarding houses and connected via its four railway stations to all parts of the country. There was a pressing need for places of entertainment which led to the development of pleasure gardens, concert halls and theatres. The talk will describe these and will look in particular at the principal surviving venue, the Assembly Rooms and Winter Gardens (now called the Festival and Forum Theatres) which were the home for the ground – breaking drama festivals of the 1930s premiering the work of playwright Bernard Shaw and starring some of the most famous actors of the time..

The event will include a display of material from the Festivals including scripts, props, and photographs.


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